Invisible Truths
Invisible Truths


When a woman is committed to a relationship that turns abusive, especially mentally and emotionally abusive, it is sometimes hard for her to see the Invisible Truths of what her beloved is doing to her. She wants so badly for their relationship to be happy, and she will delude herself that either things aren’t so bad, or she will begin to believe that the abuses are warranted because of something she has done—or both. A master abuser doesn’t have to hit. He can shred a woman’s sense of self-esteem, confidence, and pride and convince her that every situation is genuinely her fault, when more often than not, the fault is his or stems from some external source. Unrelenting mental anguish and suffering can be as painful and debilitating as a slap or a punch and are often more difficult to recover from. Read more

About Perri Bergen

Perri Bergen is an English professor at a SUNY community college in Upstate New York, where she teaches composition and literature courses and is a professional writing tutor. She is a research and MLA (Modern Language Association) specialist and has given related presentations at community colleges throughout Central New York. Additionally, she is the author of six children’s picture books, which are currently being illustrated and readied for publication. Read more


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Mary Beth recoiled into the dining room on the other side of the house from her ranting husband Troy. Read more

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